Verbal Diorama - Episode 153 - Batman (1989) - Verbal Diorama

Episode 153

Batman (1989)

Heroes Through the Decades kapows into the 1980s, and is there any superhero as ubiquitous as Batman? Found in comics, in movies and TV, on lunchboxes, as toys and as one of the best-known silhouettes in the world, Batman's omnipresence in pop culture might be commonplace today, but while Batman was a hugely popular comic book series (and '60s TV show!), the Caped Crusader as we know him shifted into popular culture in 1989, not only with the release of this movie, but with BATMANIA!

Batman was a movie built from the ground up for merchandising potential, and that famous black and yellow Batman logo adorned everything in the run-up to the release of this movie, including clothing, trading cards and bags. Teaser posters were stolen from bus stops and subway stations.

Pre-production of Batman was long and arduous, with fan expectations at fever pitch, and when Michael Keaton's name was announced, 50,000 letters of complaint were sent to the production.

This episode also pays its respect to the late Bill Finger, a man who was never originally credited for co-creating Batman, and it took a novelist and documentary filmmaker's persistence to get Finger the posthumous credit he deserved.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Batman (1989) !



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