Verbal Diorama - Episode 163 - District 9 - Verbal Diorama

Episode 163

District 9

It's not every first time director who hits it out of the park with their first feature, especially one based on an original idea, with an unknown cast.

Luckily (or rather unluckily for Halo), an existing project that had brought them together had crumbled, and so a partnership began between powerhouse producer Peter Jackson, fresh off his The Lord of the Rings trilogy and newcomer Neill Blomkamp.

Based on Blomkamp's 6-minute short film Alive in Joburg, District 9 takes South Africa's recent history and translates it into a science fiction satire, asking the simple question of "How would humans treat alien refugees?" and is it really any different to "How would white people treat black people?"

While District 9 has its controversies and critics, it was a fresh and interesting take on the alien invasion genre in 2009, and while you would have thought a sequel would be forthcoming rather quickly, District 10 has never quite materialised...

Alive in Joburg is available to watch at

I would love to hear your thoughts on District 9 !



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