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Episode 170

Twins (ft. Drew and Matt from Sequel Pitch)

Published on: 25th August, 2022

Auguest concludes, with the first, second and third rule in a crisis situation...

I have no respect for those who have no respect for logic. Joining me to talk about Ivan Reitman's fan-favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito buddy comedy TWINS are two hosts of a podcast that could be the twin podcast to Verbal Diorama; Drew and Matt from Sequel Pitch!

I know, right! Practically twins!

While we only have three fathers between us, not six, our podcasts were separated at birth, only to find each other much later. Very much like the story of Julius and Vincent Benedict, coincidentally also the names of Matt's twin daughters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was known as an '80s action hero, following hits like The Terminator and Commando. He wanted to branch out into comedy and a chance meeting with Ivan Reitman at a ski resort would give him the chance. The idea they pitched to Universal was simple: Schwarzenegger. DeVito. Twins. Together Reitman, Schwarzenegger and DeVito would also take no up-front salary, but instead a portion of the profits, which would yield a unexpected and unprecedented windfall for all three.

This episode is also filled with way more innuendo an '80s buddy comedy should facilitate, as well as some great Arnie impressions. And did you know that in real life science is taking steps towards creating an actual Julius Benedict, using three-parent IVF?

Tonight is your night, bro!

Drew (@DrewToynbee) and Matt (@V1KingXL) host Sequel Pitch alongside Ross and Andy. You can find their back catalogue of brilliant episodes in your podcast app of choice, and they're on Twitter as @SequelPitch

I would love to hear your thoughts on Twins!



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  • Drew & Matt for being awesome and coming on!

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